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What Causes Dental Cysts? Periapical Cysts Causes - Wisdom Teeth

What causes dental cysts or Periapical Cyst?. This is the most dangerous and hurting type of cysts. You may feel severe pain, swelling, and discomfort in this condition. It is the different and more harmful type of cysts. This is caused by trauma or dental injury and even when a tooth became died. So, we found it important to discuss the question "What Causes Dental Cysts?".

Dental Cyst Diagnoses

If you are feeling severe pain, swelling in your tooth. First, open your mouth in front of a mirror and watch the painful tooth. Obviously, you can never diagnose a periapical cyst. As the Dental cyst only found on died teeth. The only way to recognize a periapical cyst is to visit a dential or maxillofacial surgeon. He or she will take an X-RAY or MRI (medical resonance imaging) of your mouth (for a specific tooth).

What Causes Dental Cysts or Periapical Cyst?

This kind of cyst form due to the reasons described below.
  • Tooth Trauma

  • Dental Injury

  • Because of Died Tooth

  • Died Nerve Cells

  • Poor Oral Hygiene

Dental Trauma

This is the major cause of dental cyst. The cyst is a fluid-filled sac which may be on gums, inside teeth, jaws, and jawbone. Fluid-filled sac on gums called gingival which is easy to treat. But the periapical cyst is more complicated than gingival cyst because it remains inside the tooth canal roots.

Dental Injury

Yeah! a dental injury also plays an important role in the formation of a dental cyst or periapical cyst. Due to dental injury, a tooth may be dying and a cyst may develop. This is the most painful condition because it happens inside the tooth tissue (on the crowns of a tooth).

A Tooth Death

If a tooth dies, due to any reason. The chances of forming a dental cyst increases. People who visit their dentist minimum 1 time within 6 months or 1 times within 1 year have fewer chances of severe complications. Because dental cyst who recognizes earlier may be easily treated and low problems associated with them.

Died Nerve Cells

In rare cases, if the nerve cells in a tooth socket die because of any reason. A dental cyst may develop. You need to visit your doctor immediately if you have periapical cyst because it's dangerous and causes severe pain, swelling and really discomfort for you.

Poor Oral Hygiene

Yes, bad oral hygiene and bacteria in mouth play an important role in the formation of cysts. The gingival cyst is the best example caused by bacteria in the mouth. Cysts near the wisdom teeth are due to bacteria because cleaning the back end part of the mouth is difficult and average people failed to do so. Hence, the chances of developing a periapical or dental cyst increases due to bacteria and poor oral hygiene. Maintain a healthy oral hygiene to live a healthy and disease-free life.


So the above article explains the major causes of dental or periapical cysts. If you want to know about dental cyst treatment, diagnosis, home remedies and more then feel free to comment below. We have given the complete and authentic answer the question "What causes dental cysts" and hope you fully satisfied.