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Impacted Wisdom Tooth Pain Relief Within Seconds | Wisdom Tooth Pain

In this article, we will try to inform you about Impacted wisdom tooth pain relief, home remedies, symptoms and duration of aches. What to do if you have an impacted wisdom tooth coming in during pregnancy or while pregnant? So, first of all, you need to know what is an impacted wisdom tooth? how it creates problems and complications like severe pain in jaw, neck, infection, headache, swelling of gums and cysts, tumors in some cases.

What is an Impacted Wisdom Tooth?

Wisdom teeth usually come in the age between 17 to 25 years. But they can also come before or after that age range. These are the last set of molars also called "third molars". However, the problem is they often come in impacted. Because there is no extra space (in your mouth) for these unwanted guests.

So they lay down (horizontally) in their position and try to grow in sideways or in the wrong direction. Hence they push other teeth (when erupting) and create complications like swollen gums, infection, severe pain in jaw, neck, head and also bad taste, bad breath etc. As, these teeth do not come straight instead lay down horizontally, erupt partially and create problems, these are known as Impacted wisdom teeth.

Impacted Wisdom Tooth Symptoms

Perhaps you will not see any symptoms for impacted wisdom teeth (if they are not erupting). They only show complications and problems when impacted wisdom teeth grow in or come in. Partially impacted wisdom teeth can cause swollen gums, infection, severe pain (which radiate to other teeth) in jaws, head and neck.
You must visit your dentist or doctor if you are feeling discomfort behind your second molars. Impacted wisdom tooth extraction is the only way (dentist's recommended) to avoid problems. If your teeth not showing any complications like pain, swelling or infection then it's not mean you are safe. Maybe they can cause problems in future.

Impacted Wisdom Tooth Pain Relief

You can use impacted wisdom tooth pain remedies to get relief within seconds. Below are some best home remedies for wisdom tooth pain.

Salt Water Remedy

Just rinse your mouth with lukewarm salt water three to four times a day. This will remove bacteria from your mouth and provide instant relief from pain. Just pour half teaspoon in one glass (almost 250ml) water and rinse your mouth for few minutes.

Ice Pack

This is the amazing instant relief home remedy for impacted wisdom tooth pain. This is the most simple and inexpensive home remedy to get rid of a toothache. Go to your kitchen and take a small piece of ice from the refrigerator. Now put it in a towel (piece of cloth) and place on your cheeks.
Note: Ice pack home remedy will not work if you have an impacted wisdom tooth infection. You should take some antibiotics like ciprofloxacin, cephradin, cefalexin, co-amoxi clav, ampicillin, amoxicillin, cefime etc by the recommendation of your doctor, pharmacist or dentist.

Clove Or Clove Oil (Granda Remedy)

This is the most effective and best home remedy for impacted wisdom tooth pain relief. Take one clove and place it near the impacted wisdom tooth. Slightly bite the clove for some time until the pain gone. Clove has pain relief properties and is best known for toothaches. This is also so effective in impacted wisdom teeth case, so feel free to use this remedy for instant relief.

You can also use clove oil instead of clove. The process is the same, just dab or dip a cotton ball into clove oil and then place the wet cotton ball on the place of a toothache. Just close your eyes and count 1 to 100 and open your eyes.

Olive Oil and Tea Bags

Yes, Olive oil has pain relief properties. What you need to do is, dip a cotton ball into olive oil and then place it on an impacted wisdom tooth. This is an effective home remedy to get rid of wisdom tooth pain. You may use it, but if you have a tooth infection or cysts. We advise you to visit your dentist first. Because all of these remedies provide temporary relief. Tea bags help to reduce impacted wisdom tooth pain.

Impacted Wisdom Tooth Pain Medication

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause swollen gums, gum infection, tooth decay, severe pain in jaws, headache and pain in the neck. So only the home remedies are not enough to overcome this condition. You need to visit your dentist, who will take a Super X-RAY of your teeth and will decide whether to remove them or keep them.
The American Dental Association (ADA) Dentists recommends the wisdom teeth removal to avoid complications and problems. But the surgery could not perform until the infection (due to impacted wisdom tooth) gone.

So your dentist may recommend you some painkiller tablets for wisdom teeth pain like Flurbiprofen ( the Famous brand name is Ansaid by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals), Ibuprofen (Famous brand is Brufen by Abbott Pharmaceuticals), Naproxen or Naproxen sodium, diclofenac sodium (diclofenac acid and diclofenac potassium are also considerable), Nimesulide, Paracetamol etc.

For infection, your dentist may recommend you antibiotics like Cefixime (third-generation cephalosporin), ciprofloxacin, cefalexin, cephradine, co-amoxiclav, ampicillin, and amoxicillin etc.
Note: This article is just for information purposes only. We do not recommend any Prescription or Over the counter drugs for pain, swelling or infection. These drugs are well tolerable but every individual is different from each other. Also the blood pressure, diabetic patients must  consult their pharmacist or doctor before taking any kind of medication.

Impacted Wisdom Tooth Pain During Pregnancy

If you are pregnant and feeling impacted wisdom tooth pain then you must consult your dentist or doctor before getting any kind of home remedies or other medicines.


You may feel severe pain in jaws, neck, head and also eyes. Follow the impacted wisdom tooth pain relief home remedies and other medications described above. You may take prescription or Over the counter drugs by the recommendation of your doctor, pharmacist or dentist.

Are Impacted Wisdom Teeth More Painful To Remove

And the answer is Yes. The impacted wisdom tooth removal surgery is more complicated than simple wisdom tooth extraction. Also, it is more expensive than a simple tooth extraction. You need to visit an Expert and more professional Oral Surgeon for the impacted wisdom tooth removal to avoid other complications after removal.

An oral surgeon, during surgery, will cut your gum with the help of special tools (knives). He or she may also cut tooth into small pieces which makes the extraction easy. After the removal, your dentist or oral surgeon will stitch the open wound or gum. Your dentist will advise some antibiotics and painkillers to avoid impacted wisdom tooth infection after removal etc.

Impacted Wisdom Tooth Pain Relief After Surgery

If you are facing impacted wisdom tooth pain after extraction then don't be afraid because it is common. You may feel pain, swelling on cheeks, slightly fever (in rare cases) after the impacted wisdom tooth extraction. But if the pain increases over the time, then you should go back to your dentist and consult about it. In this case, don't take any home remedy or other over the counter prescription drugs by yourself.

Why have you Impacted Wisdom Tooth Pain After Surgery?

Many people don't follow their dentists, oral surgeon recommendations, and aftercare tips carefully. So they fell into serious complications like severe pain, swelling, and infection.
Good Oral Hygiene
Maintaining healthy and good oral hygiene after the impacted wisdom tooth removal is important. You don't need to brush the surgery area for first 48 hours. But you need to make sure to maintain healthy oral hygiene. You can rinse with salt water which removed bacteria and provide the good soothing effect. Avoid mouthwashes because they contain harmful chemicals.
We tried to provide all the best information about impacted wisdom tooth pain relief. You may follow all the above home remedies for impacted wisdom tooth pain for instant relief. If somebody has more questions related to the topic. He or she may comment below this article. We will try to give the answer the question related to Impacted wisdom tooth pain relief as soon as possible.