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Dry Socket Wisdom Teeth | Symptoms | Prevention | Treatment

The following article helps to understand the dry socket wisdom teeth.Pain, swelling, and discomfort after wisdom tooth extraction is common which lesson, and vanish after 3 to 4 days. But if the pain increases after two days of wisdom teeth extraction then these are the dry socket symptoms. This article explains, what is a dry socket, its symptoms, treatment, and method of prevention. You may also know how long does dry socket last. Patient with wisdom teeth after removal feel severe pain when eating food and touch their mouth.

What is a Dry Socket Wisdom Teeth?

In common, after a wisdom tooth extraction, automatically a blood clot form on tooth socket or alveolar. It's also known as alveolar osteitis. People who don't follow their doctor or dentist advises and don't maintain oral hygiene. Blood clot dislodged, due to drinking with a straw, touching or smoking.

Hence the never endings and bone became open to the air, food, and bacteria. Food particles or other bacteria present in mouth cause infection and severe pain that moves to ear and neck and jaws. You can see white bone with open nerve endings, without red blood clot in the removed tooth. This condition is called dry socket.

Dry Socket Wisdom Teeth Symptoms

Patients after 2 days of wisdom tooth extraction feel severe pain, increase in swelling and discomfort. This throbbing, dull and sharp Pain moves toward ear, jaws and neck and patients feel uncomfortable completely.

If you open your mouth and see the removed tooth in a mirror, you will be able to see an empty socket without blood clot. White bone will be visible with open nerve endings that cause severe, sharp pain.

People with this condition also have a smell or bad breath coming from their mouth. Unpleasant taste is another symptom.

Dry Socket Wisdom Teeth Causes

There are many reasons that cause a dry socket. Below are the causes of this discomfort or severe pain;

1. Smoking

Tobacco consumption especially cigarette smoking is a big cause of this condition. As sucking a cigarette can dislodge blood clot and also nicotine in the cigarette and other tobacco products reduce the blood supply in a mouth. So the chances of blood clot dislodge increases.

2. Contraceptive or Birth Control Pills

Women who recently used any contraceptive or birth control pill, there are more chances that blood clot after tooth extraction dislodged. Because these pills decrease the blood supply in the mouth.

3. Bacterial Infection

If any other previous bacterial infection is present in the mouth, there are more chances of dry socket formation.

4. Trauma

The intensity of trauma and gum tissue damage due to wisdom tooth extraction is also important in the development of this inflammation.

5. Oral Hygiene

People who don't maintain healthy oral hygiene, chances of bacterial infection increases in the mouth. Brushing gently two times daily, rinsing mouth with lukewarm salt water after every meal reduces the risk of this inflammation in an extracted tooth.

How Long Dry Socket Wisdom Teeth Last?

Usually, it takes from 8 to 10 days but it all depends on the condition and situation. People who don't follow their dentist instruction carefully get more pain after surgery.

Dry Socket Wisdom Teeth Treatment

Every doctor, physician or dentist who performs dental surgery can easily treat this condition. First of all, he will clean the tooth and remove bacteria from the mouth. After that a dressing with a special paste place on the dry socket. Pain will disappear in 24 hours but the patient should come in the office daily and replace the dressing with a new one. Until the pain disappears and then maintain oral hygiene.

How to Prevent Dry Socket Wisdom Teeth

Just follow your doctor or dentist instruction carefully. Avoid smoking, use of tobacco (in any form) because it contains nicotine that reduces the blood supply in the mouth. Women should avoid contraceptive pills because these pills decrease blood supply in the mouth and result in blood clot dislodged.

Maintain healthy oral hygiene, brush gently twice daily and use warm salt water oral rinse 2 to 3 times daily after every meal. Because it removes bacteria from the mouth and reduces the risk of infection. You may also use mouthwash which contains chlorhexidine for better care by the recommendation of your doctor. These are also home remedies for wisdom teeth pain after extraction. Painkiller tablets like ibuprofen and paracetamol are also helpful to reduce this pain.

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But consult your doctor before taking any medication. If pain after 3 days doesn't stop, immediately go to the office and check up your teeth again. The Above article completely explains the dry socket wisdom teeth, dry socket wisdom teeth symptoms, dry socket wisdom teeth treatment, and how to prevent dry socket wisdom teeth? If some have any question related to this article then please comment below.