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When Can I Start Drinking Hot Coffee After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

A Patient after wisdom tooth extraction asked his dentists, "When can I start drinking hot coffee after wisdom tooth extraction". This is an important question because drinking hot coffee after a tooth removal may cause a blood clot to dislodged and helps in the development of a dry socket.

The following article provides great information about "Drinking hot liquids like coffee after wisdom teeth removal". You must follow wisdom teeth removal aftercare tips and instructions provided by your dentist. Talking and spitting excessively, using straw for drinking liquids, smoking, use of alcohol and drinking hot drinks after wisdom tooth removal are major reasons for dry socket wisdom teeth and other complications like swelling, severe pain, and discomfort. Healthy oral hygiene is also the important factor to remember because it's difficult to clean the area behind your second molars called third molar or wisdom teeth.
Drinking hot liquids like coffee, tea, soups etc just after wisdom tooth extraction is not recommended. If you are a coffee lover then you must avoid it for at least first 24 hours of surgery. For the first day (24 hours), you should strictly avoid hot drinks and drink cold drinks like smoothies, water, juices etc. Ice cream, Popsicle are best foods to eat after wisdom tooth extraction.

How Long After Tooth Extraction Can I Eat Hot Foods

Patients also ask "how long after tooth extraction can I eat hot food" the answer is the same. You should not eat hot and spicy foods the day after your wisdom tooth extraction. Soft foods like applesauce, Popsicle, smoothies, ice cream, banana, eggs are allowed after one day of wisdom teeth removal.
But for the first 24 hours you may feel problems like bleeding, swelling, numbness (for one to 2 hours) after tooth removal, and pain etc. So drinking cold water, juices helps to stop bleeding after the wisdom teeth removal. Ice cream, Popsicle, and milk are recommended.

Drinking Coffee After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

A blood clot formed just after the wisdom teeth removal which does not allow air and foods particles to come inside the tooth socket and increase the healing process. It covers the open nerve endings of the removed tooth and reduces the pain. Drinking hot liquids like coffee, tea, soups just after the wisdom tooth extraction may cause a blood clot to dislodge. Because caffeine in coffee reduces the blood supply to mouth, the blood clot dislodges and a dry socket formed.

This causes severe pain, swelling, bad breath, bad taste, discomfort and takes more than 3 to 4 weeks to heal. Pain, swelling usually vanish after 2 to 3 days of tooth surgery but if they increase over the time then you may have a dry socket. Above we have discussed all the reasons behind the formation of a dry socket. Hot drinks like coffee, tea, soups cause a dry socket, Smoking, use of alcohol, straw for drinking liquids, spitting and talking excessively may cause a blood clot to dislodge.
If you have this problem, then you must re-visit your dentist. First of all, your dentist will clean the surgery area and then place a dressing (which contain a special paste) on the socket. Pain will go after the dressing and you will feel better. You must follow your dentist tips and instructions to avoid infection and other complications after a wisdom tooth removal.