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When Can I Eat Solid Food After Wisdom Teeth Removal | Wisdom Teeth

A patient asked his dentist or oral surgeon after wisdom teeth removal, "When can I eat solid food after wisdom teeth removal". This is an important question to discuss. You should not eat solid foods for first 4 to 6 days after the wisdom tooth extraction. Soft foods like banana, yogurt, smoothies are best options and alternatives for the first 48 hours after a tooth extraction. Eating solid foods just after the wisdom teeth removal may cause some serious complications like dry socket, severe pain, swelling, and discomfort etc.
The time for eating solid foods may vary from patient to patient. But for the first few days, you need to follow some special wisdom teeth removal after tips and instructions to avoid infection, alveolar osteitis or dry socket etc.

Solid Food After Wisdom Teeth Removal

You must avoid solid food after wisdom teeth removal for first few days. Instead, eat soft foods like smoothies, popsicles, applesauce, yogurt, pudding, ice cream, mashed potatoes, and eggs etc. These soft and delicious foods will help you to maintain healthy nutrition level during this period. You need to stay hydrated. So drink a lot of water and other fluids to avoid dehydration.

Foods and Drinks to Avoid After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Carbonated Beverages

For the first 24 hours after surgery, you may face problems like bleeding, swelling, and discomfort etc. Drinking Carbonated beverages like Soda, CocaCola, Pepsi etc may increase your problems and can cause complications like a dry socket or alveolar osteitis.

Hot Drinks

You must avoid hot drinks like Coffee and Tea for the first 3 days after wisdom teeth removal. Coffee, tea and other hot drinks may increase complications and problems after the wisdom tooth extraction. You should also avoid smoking, alcohol etc. Caffeine (in Tea) and Nicotine (in Cigarettes) may increase the risk of a blood clot to dislodge and development of a dry socket.


Avoid eating these small, dry and hard grains like Almonds,  because they may be stuck into your tooth socket and may cause problems for you. You can return to your normal diet after 1 week of wisdom tooth extraction.

The above article explains a very important question "When can I eat solid food after wisdom teeth removal". Eating solid, hard and rough foods just after the teeth surgery may increase the risk of complications like dry socket (alveolar osteitis), infection, severe pain, swelling and other discomfort conditions like cysts and tumors (in some cases). For the first week, you should eat healthy soft foods and drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. The time period to eat solid food after wisdom teeth removal varies. But if you follow a healthy diet and your dentist post-operative instructions, then the chances of complications will be minimum. And you will be able to eat solid foods as soon as after the 6 days of wisdom teeth surgery.